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Home of Hope

Medical Center

A Medical Center for the community of Kainogoga, Uganda

Who are we?

In 2010 a family from New Zealand met a family from Uganda. We each shared a family story of disability and a passion to see those with disabilities cared for.

In 2019 Edith and Richard, shared with Jacqui and Rory their dream of seeing a medical center being built next door to the Home of Hope – a home for children with disabilities that Edith and Richard run.

In 2020 our families began this new project together – to see a quality medical facility built in Kainogoga, Uganda that not only meets the needs of the disability community and surrounding community, but leads in medical care, therapy and support for families living with disability.

The medical centre is in memory of our children Derrick and Emily. They both lived extraordinary lives – facing the challenges in front of them with strength, joy and love, and helping others around them feel included and valued. It’s our vision to continue that example of love in providing medical care in this community.

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Access to medical care for disabled children at Home of Hope

Situated alongside the existing Home of Hope, the Home of Hope Medical Center will be a convenient source of medical care for the children at the home. Currently children must travel over rough roads for kilometres to receive medical treatment.

Health services for disabled children in the area

The staff at Home of Hope already provide support and encouragement to families in the community who are raising disabled children. The Medical center will provide another option for meeting with families and a specialised area for providing health care, including medical and allied health needs.

Community Health Center

The Medical Center will be open to all in the community, providing health services.

Contact Home of Hope Medical Center

Please ask if you’d like details of how you can donate to the work.

Location in Uganda